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Avda. Alcalde Rovira Roure, 9
25006 Lleida
Tél. . +34 973 24 07 16
Fax. . +34 973 24 07 62

Blended Programme

Blended learning is the perfect combination of a language course of inlingua online taught by teachers following the inlingua method.

No time to attend a language course?

Are you often on trips?

You customise your own course.

It is a new method which consists of 60 hours based on a combination of:

  • Classes with a teacher (20 hours)

Prívate classes ONE TO ONE on-site with a teacher who helps the student to learn according to their needs.

  • Classes ON-LINE (40 hours)

The student can communicate with the teacher whenever and wherever they want to reinforce the learnt concepts.

Our BLENDED Programme is designed for those people who need to learn a language to improve or complete their professional training, apart from travelling and looking for new business opportunities.

Advantatges of our BLENDED PROGRAMME

  • High flexible.
  • At  an agreed time.
  • Rendimiento optimo.
  • Personal tuition with your teacher on-site and  practice sessions on-line.
  • Guaranteed learning.
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