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Avda. Alcalde Rovira Roure, 9
25006 Lleida
Tél. . +34 973 24 07 16
Fax. . +34 973 24 07 62

Our courses

General Programme

Group courses are run with a maximum of 12 students in each class.
On-site classes take place once or twice a week and run from September to June. Candidates can enrol at any time, after they have done a placement test.
The teaching system is based on inlingua’s own method and is taught by highly qualified teachers using inlingua material developed by the Pedagogical Department in Bern, Switzerland.

All levels available from Beginners to Proficiency.



Our Method

inlingua method is based on the most natural way of learning a language,

You can learn a foreign language n the same way that you learn your mother tongue.

A foreign language is learnt in a natural and effective way by speaking and practising it.

You speak the language right from the start.

inlingua teachers are highly qualified and highly experienced in teaching foreign languages.


Our materials

inlingua has its own publisher and produces most of the training material that is used in the classrooms. This material is created and developed by the Pedagogical Department which produces books, manuals, audios and videos, multimedia programmes, CDs, exercise books, educational games, etc. Our training material is constantly updated, satisfying the specific needs of our times.

inlinguahas a wide range of titles and languages, programmes for all languages  such as:

  • General Purpose Program (GPP),
  • Accelerated Professional Program (APP)
  • and specialised modules such as “Presentations”, “Business Correspondence”, “Telephoning”, etc
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