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Avda. Alcalde Rovira Roure, 9
25006 Lleida
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Our Courses

Programa Kids, Prejunior y Junior

inlingua Lleida has been and still is the leading  teaching centre of  foreign languages to children. In over 30 years thousands of people from Lleida have learnt English, French, German or computer skills while they were learning Catalan or Spanish.

Using our direct pedagogical  method “we learn to speak by speaking,” in which we specialise, our teachers and the personalised monitoring in learning with exercises, evaluations, plus the effort of our students, whose input is essential, allows us to  feel very proud of the results that we achieve.

Spoken language and comprehension are the basis of a foreign language. In a lively atmosphere, children absorb the foreign language in natural way as they do with their mother tongue.

The sooner, the better!- The majority of children start and  continue their studies at inlingua Lleida from  a very early age and finish Secondary School with a high level of English that  goes on to help them in their adult lives.

Nowadays education specialists recognise that the best results in learning a foreign language are achieved when children start learning from a very early. If a child learns a foreign language at the same time as the child is learning its mother tongue, it will become as fluent as it does in Catalan and Spanish.



Designed for children from 1 to 3 years of age.
Classes take place once a week accompanied by a parent.

Our KIDS programme is based on stimulating and developing the language in a natural and spontaneous way through songs, music, movements, games and other activities.




Designed for children from 3 years of age.
Classes take place once or twice a week, in small groups.

They are based on introducing and developing the language by means of pictures and visual aids in the form of cards, games and specialised material for children, encouraging them to learn and develop their language skills spontaneously.




Designed for children from  7/8 years of age and upwards.
Classes take place once or twice a week in small groups.

The Junior Programme consists of 4 levels.


The Junior Programme material is introduced in an attractive way to the children by means of games and characters, stimulating their imagination and helping them to understand the vocabulary and new structures.
The child will learn the target language, by speaking and practising it spontaneously while he/she is learning his/her mother tongue.

The aim of the inlingua method is to learn in a natural way without the need for translation.


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