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Avda. Alcalde Rovira Roure, 9
25006 Lleida
Tél. . +34 973 24 07 16
Fax. . +34 973 24 07 62

Our courses

Adults and professional programme

Twice  weekly sessions of 1.5 hours in groups.

3 or 4 students in a reduced group. At an agreed time and day.



The GPP Programme consists of 6 levels, according to the specifications and objectives set by the Council of Europe.(

The GPP Programme is aimed at those who want to learn foreign languages without specific aims, but they feel comfortable learning day to day language.

Group classes or one- to- one  classes.

Classes with a teacher, support material, multimedia and on-line.

This Programme runs from October to June. There is also an option of intensive courses  in July and August.

You can start at any time, after you have done a placement test.

The aim is to acquire general knowledge of foreign languages.


inlingua has developed a professional programme in several different languages which is the Accelerated Professional Program (APP).

 A programme designed to meet the requirements of the modern economy and the new framework of business relations. It is taught in such a way that what is learnt can be applied directly and immediately within your professional environment.

Apart from APP, inlingua  has also developed specialised modules for specific purposes with teaching and practice in topics of particular interest. Among others.

Business Correspondence Basic (15 horas)

Business Correspondence (30 horas)

Business Writing (30 horas)

Finance(30 horas)

Human Resources(30 horas)

Interview Skills(30 horas)

Meetings Basic (15 horas)

Meetings (30 horas)

Negotiating Basic(15 horas)

Negotiating (30 horas)

Presentations (30 horas)

Real estate (30 horas)

Socializing Basic (15 horas)

Socializing(30 horas)

Telephoning Basic (15 horas)

Telephoning (30 horas)

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